How do I setup the screen so it works on my projector?


How to use the keyboard shortcuts when you’re presenting a 3D sequence?



How do i use the mouse to change the perspective in the 3D sequence?


I would like to change the website language

Click here or in the upper right corner of the page to change the language.


Will I be charged automatically if I make a purchase on

Yes. But you can at any time cancel your subscription.
We’ll send you an email before the current subscription period is expired which will give you the option to cancel your subscription before it’s renewed.


How do I most effectively find the scenes that I need?

When browsing the sequence catalog you can choose from the menu on the left:
Category / lesson subjects
It’s also possible to choose both a lesson subjects AND tags. You can also choose more tags to limit the result.


How can I freely move around the 3D scene?

It’s quite simple to move around the 3D scene – even while it’s playing! The most effective way to do so is to use the computer mouse. Click directly on the 3D scene and hold down the mouse button – now move the mouse. By using the scroller on the mouse you can zoom in and out. It’s that simple! If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts – see this guide:



I found a scene with content that could be better. Who or where can I submit feedback to?

We LOVE to receive feedback from you – it’s the only way that we can improve our product!
You can goto this form
and send us feedback. Thank you!